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Society Cannabis Co. is a premier medical marijuana brand with the highest quality edibles. Our company’s mission is to provide adults with a safe and responsible avenue to access, research, and potentially benefit from cannabis-based remedies that improve quality of life. Society Cannabis Co. operates in full compliance with OMMA and the state of Oklahoma.
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Recipe: Vegan Chocolate Covered Almond Butter Balls
Eat Your Weed, Recipes

Ingredients Needed: 2 cups of almond butter  ½ cup of cannabis coconut oil 2 cups of powdered sugar  2 cups of vegan chocolate chips  Parchment paper  Directions: Mix almond butter and cannabis coconut oil in pan on low and mix until it is smooth. Start gradually adding the powdered sugar into the mixture and form into a dough. Roll the dough […]

#EatYourWeed: 5 Reasons Why Cannabis-Infused Foods Are Becoming the New Normal.
Eat Your Weed

I’m sure you’ll agree that cannabis is becoming increasingly normalized in this country. One more example of the normalization of cannabis is in how it’s being consumed—and not just by smoking it in a joint or bowl. Instead, some are opting for a different method of consumption, commonly known as eating or “medicating” with cannabis-infused […]

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your products?

Our products can be found in dispensaries throughout Oklahoma. You can use the dispensary locator at the top of the page for your convenience.

How long do edibles take to work?

Edibles work by being metabolized into the body to produce a psychoactive effect. This can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on what dosage was taken was eaten and the metabolism of the person.

Will I taste weed in your edibles?

We prepare our edibles using a “no-taste” method so that there is little to no taste.

What are some medical conditions edibles can help with?

Medical marijuana is extremely beneficial in treating a wide variety of conditions. Studies show that it can be used to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain and insomnia. Edibles have been found to be particularly effective for patients suffering from chronic pain or nausea, neurodegenerative conditions like MS, Parkinson's, ALS and seizure disorders.

Can I overdose on edibles?

Many people have asked this question, but the answer is not as straightforward as it seems. As with smoking or vaporizing cannabis, the effects of edibles will vary from person to person. Because edibles take time to activate, some users can be fooled into thinking they didn’t take enough and end up taking too much. It's important to know your tolerance level, as this varies from user to user.

Where should I keep my edibles?

Keep them safely out of reach of children and pets. You may also want to avoid areas where they could melt.