Eat Your Weed
I’m sure you’ll agree that cannabis is becoming increasingly normalized in this country. One more example of the normalization of cannabis is in how it’s being consumed—and not just by smoking it in a joint or bowl. Instead, some are opting for a different method of consumption, commonly known as eating or “medicating” with cannabis-infused foods. As legalization sweeps across the United States, people are starting to see weed in an entirely new light and edibles are leading the charge. Heres five key reasons why.

1. Healthier Alternative To Smoking

Keep it real, most of us had our first encounter with Mary Jane was through smoking a joint, blunt, or bowl. It’s something incredibly relaxing and in social settings, incredibly bonding. It’s also one of the least healthiest ways to consume cannabis. Just like smoking tobacco, setting fire to and inhaling marijuana causes tar buildup in your lungs during combustion. No, THC isn’t carcinogenic, but burning any substance will create tar.
Edibles, on the other hand, is a much healthier form of delivery. When we munch on edibles, they are processed through our livers, using the body’s gastrointestinal system. Bypassing the harmful effects of smoking altogether.

2. Longer Lasting Effects

As previously described, edibles are processed through our livers. Because of this, effects take longer to set in, but they also lasts longer. Effects from cannabis edibles usually starts 1-2 hours on after consumption, and can last a lot longer depending on the dosage you have ingested. The key thing is to know your tolerance. Remember to always start off with small dosages to understand your tolerance level.

3. Save Money

Even at lower doses, bang for your buck is what you get with most edibles. When buying edibles from reputable brands, like Society Cannabis Co, products are regularly tested for strength & quality so you know exactly what you’re paying for. No need to overspend for weed, not knowing if you’re getting good stuff or not.

4. They Are Incredibly Convenient & Discreet

Medicating with edibles, you can enjoy the effects of cannabis conveniently and discreetly. Spreadable, drinkable, inhale-able… an edible can be formulated in a variety of ways that allow you to enjoy them without anyone else having any idea what you’re doing. It’s also much less conspicuous than smoking: no one will smell anything on your breath, clothes or hair when you consume an edible product.

5. Control Your High

Cannabis-infused products are easy to dose and control your experience. Edibles allow you to experiment with different dosage levels until you find a product that works best for you. Some people may need only one bite of chocolate chip cookie to feel its effects; others may need two or three full cookies in order to get the same effect. Having control over how much THC is in your system at any given time allows for more precise dosing and helps avoid uncomfortable side effects like paranoia and anxiety.

Food-related products are, thus far, taking center stage when it comes to the world of cannabis edibles. This probably isn’t a huge surprise to most people; after all, we spend a good chunk of our time eating food or thinking about eating food. Looking ahead, there are still many unanswered questions about cannabis edibles. Who knows what new concoctions the minds of chefs and food creatives will come up with in the coming years? The only sure thing to do is to eat your weed.